Walter Hoving Home 5K Run/Walk


Walter Hoving Home 5K Run/Walk

Join Lerner and Rowe at the Walter Hoving Home 5K Run/Walk.

The office of Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys proudly announces their sponsorship and support of the annual Walter Hoving Home 5K Run/Walk. Come socialize with our team and snag the hand sanitizers or chapsticks being passed out on Saturday, April 7th at the Cornerstone Park in Henderson. Registration begins bright and early at 7 am. Don’t miss the 15-minute warm-up at 7:45, because the run/walk starts at 8 a.m.

Hoving Home

Since June 1967, the Hoving Home has been a place of hope for hundreds of women who reclaimed their lives from drug and alcohol abuse. This residential spiritually-based home remains a non-profit organization for women, 18 years and older, who have battled life’s toughest challenges.

They have seen it all, from drug addiction, alcoholism, prostitution and so many other life-controlling problems. The Hoving Home and volunteers help rebuild the broken lives and provide an atmosphere of hope, trust, support and most importantly, love. They have multiple locations, including one in the Las Vegas Valley, so your support goes directly to your community.

Walter Hoving Home 5K Run/Walk

The Walter Hoving 5K Run/Walk invites you to be a part of this wonderful race, in conjunction with Lerner and Rowe. The Hoving Home hopes to change lives. Following the race, there will be a breakfast. Also, two of the ladies who participated in the program will share their testimony. The registration fees include a T-shirt and entrance to the breakfast. Don’t miss out on the free drawing. Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys look forward to seeing you at this incredible event.

If you are interested in volunteering with the Hoving Home, find more information here or if you are interested in the other events that Lerner and Rowe and their foundation, Lerner and Rowe Gives Back, will be participating in, visit our website today.