Thank You : AZLEOS Back “Pack” to School

Kevin and Cindy-

AZLEOS 2016 DonationThanks for all the great supplies; there was a lot of nice stuff.

Our officers are very excited to be hand delivering these back packs and getting to meet the kids one on one. We do believe that healing our community will come through our officers and kids making bonds at an early age. Our organization is committed to making a difference through community policing.

With companies such as Lerner and Rowe and Right Toyota and Right Honda, we see a bright future for our kids and our country!

AZLEOS 2016 Check PresentationTHANK YOU AGAIN for supporting community policing, helping our kids and our officers and building a better tomorrow.  🙂

All my best,

Cindy Hill, M.Ed.
Arizona LEOS (AZ Law Enforcement Outreach and Support)
501c(3) Tax ID number 47-2952266