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$5,000 Sponsor for Phoenix Children’s Hospital’s 2020 Halloween Activities

Phoenix Children’s Hospital reached out to us for assistance with offsetting new costs associated with Halloween costumes for 360 patients. And since we didn’t want the children to miss out on a fun activity to help brighten their stay at the hospital, our team ecstatically donated $5,000 towards the hospital’s Fall Fun costume fund. 

Phoenix Children’s Hospital Halloween Fun Fall

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the hospital was able to accept community donations of regularly used items such as socks and toiletry items. However, the hospital now must purchase items directly from warehouses to reduce the number of times the items are touched by others. 

These added expenses eat away at the emotional and social support programs Phoenix Children’s provides to patients while they heal.   

How You Can Help Brighten the Spirits of Hospitalized Children

Here are three ways that you can join us in showing these recovering children some love and support:  

  1. Discover the many ways to give directly to the hospital at PhoenixChildrensFoundation.org 
  2. Gift a donation in-store or online via Spirit Halloween stores 
  3. Send FREE Halloween greetings to patients 

Photos from the 2020 Halloween at Phoenix Children’s Hospital: