Phoenix Kidney Walk $7.5K Rubber Duck Scavenger Hunt Sponsor

Phoenix Kidney Walk - Duck Scavenger Hunt Sponsor 2024

We’re excited to share our continued support for the Phoenix Kidney Walk! For over six years, we’ve been a proud sponsor of this impactful event. The Walk not only raises critical funds for kidney research and patient services but also unites the community in showing patients they’re not alone.

This year was especially rewarding. On April 14th, we had the honor of being the official sponsor for the 2024 Rubber Duck Scavenger Hunt, adding a fun element to the Walk.

Additionally, we were thrilled to learn that the Phoenix Kidney Walk raised over $85,300! 

These funds will make a significant difference as more than 80 cents of every dollar brought in goes directly towards supporting vital initiatives, including:

  • Research for advancements in kidney disease treatment and prevention
  • Patient services to improve quality of life
  • Professional education for healthcare providers
  • Public health education programs
  • Community services 

Want to learn more about the 2024 Phoenix Kidney Walk, or how to get involved in future events?

We’re proud to once again be part of this important cause and look forward to making a continued impact alongside the National Kidney Foundation of Arizona!

Photos from the 2024 Kidney Walk: