Junior Achievement of Arizona  – LRGB Grant Recipient

JA BizTown - Junior Achievement of Arizona

Lerner & Rowe Gives Back granted Junior Achievement of Arizona with $10,000. The organization has invested those funds into its JA BizTown program. 

Over 25,000 students will participate in the JA BizTown program, in partnership with over 240 schools and teachers. 

Our team is excited to support this phenomenal opportunity that opens the doors to 175 primarily low-income students being able to participate in this life changing program. 

What Are the Main Goals of the JA BizTown Program?

Junior Achievement  has successfully administered the JA BizTown program for 21 years. Throughout that time, the main goals of JA BizTown is to simulate real life experiences that focus on:

1. Increasing students’ knowledge gain (around work-readiness and financial literacy) by at least 20% by the end of the program.

2. Introducing students to various career paths and industries, teach them how an economy functions, and help them understand their place in the workforce as well as how good jobs can provide a good life.

3. Providing students with specific economic concepts, financial literacy skills, and work readiness fundamentals such as how to: create a business plan, calculate operating costs, apply for a job, vote for city officials, and explore different careers.

Ultimately, students that complete this program gain a new-found confidence in themselves, hope for the future, and the skills to achieve their dreams.

Visit jaaz.org to learn more about Junior Achievement of Arizona and the many student, volunteer, and partnership opportunities available.