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Hoving Home Las Vegas Christmas Delivery


Spreading Christmas Cheer in Las Vegas

During the holidays most families gather in their homes to celebrate Christmas. However, it dawned on our Las Vegas outreach team that the ladies residing at Hoving Home would be celebrating Christmas away from their families.

That is why in the middle of delivering toys to impoverished children across the Las Vegas Valley, we decided to spread the blessings of the season to the ladies at Hoving Home. We were determined to help create the most enjoyable Christmas celebration under the circumstances.

Something Was Amiss

Upon entering the Hoving Home, we couldn’t help but notice the large living area with high ceilings was missing a Christmas tree and presents.

“Growing up, the one memory that never fades for me is the time family gathered around to decorate a Christmas tree. Our outreach team wanted to provide that same experience for the ladies residing at Hoving Home and the support staff since they were spending Christmas away from their homes and families,” shared Guy Williams, community outreach coordinator at Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys. “We were honored to have the opportunity to gift Hoving Home with a beautiful Christmas tree to help make their celebration that much closer to what we enjoyed as children.”

Gifts to Make the Season Brighter

After learning that many of the ladies at Hoving Home have children offsite who may not receive a Christmas present, we wanted to help the mothers give their children the same type of joyful memories we created for their enjoyment.

The one gift we felt comfortable giving, that would be universally appreciated by all children, was a shiny new bicycle. So we purchased some bikes. Then we loaded them up into Santa’s U-Haul. Finally, we made one last special Christmas delivery to the mother’s at Hoving Home.

Witnessing the mother’s faces glow with happiness was among the best gifts our team could have received. Each woman couldn’t have be more pleased to know they had a bicycle to give their kid(s). 

“We understand the courage and sacrifice that each of these ladies are making to piece their lives back together. This is why we wanted to take away some of the sting of being away from their homes and families during Christmas,” stated attorney Glen Lerner.