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Christmas Donations to Underprivileged Families


Our law firm was given the opportunity by a Las Vegas Valley school counselor to adopt two underprivileged families from Fremont Middle School and also provide Christmas donations. Each family was asked to put together a wish list of items they would appreciate receiving for Christmas. Our staff members took each list to heart and the final outcome looked like this:

Christmas Donations

The following message was shared with us expressing the gracious reaction of one of the families:

“Yesterday I had the pleasure of delivering all the Christmas presents you donated to the home of one of my students. The family had not a stitch of furniture yet they were so warm, appreciative, and welcoming. A teacher from Sunrise Acres gave them a tree. The kids were actually more excited to see the pillows than everything else! I want to sincerely thank you for making these holidays such a blessing for this deserving family. I just wish you could have witnessed all their smiles!”