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3rd Annual Children First Gala

Children First Academy

We are pleased to share that the 3rd Annual Children First Gala that took place on Saturday, October 3 at The Arizona Biltmore was a huge success! The event was an excellent example of the positive impact a community can have when it joins resources and comes together as one.

Donations raised will directly benefit the underserved students who attend Children First Academy schools, including Sequoia School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Children First Academy’s Commitment to Students

The teachers and staff at Children First Academy schools are dedicated to improving the lives of every student they touch by providing hope and support. They are also committed to ensuring that each of their schools are places “Where Every Child is Known” and appreciated.

For more information about Children First Academy, please contact Jerry Lewis @ 480.861.6931, [email protected] or Nancy Harris @ 480.993.5378, [email protected].

Team Photo from 3rd Annual Children First Gala

Lerner and Rowe Team with Jevon - $2500 Donation